Tuesday, May 1, 2012


This is not the type of book I normally post a review about on my Blog, but it is such a fabulous tool for writers, I just can’t pass up the opportunity. THE FIRE IN FICTION is a powerful guide to writing fiction. The author’s insight into the many styles and skill levels is simply uncanny.

The format serves as a fantastic cover-to-cover read as well as a dynamic reference. Mr. Maass gives reason and definition to admirable style. In a short amount of text, he discusses ‘Hemingway-esque minimalism,’ as an unforgiving style that is misunderstood and rarely mastered. 
This concise detail is consistent throughout THE FIRE IN FICTION as the author tackles a multitude of issues authors face in their struggle to succeed. The guide begins with a memorable introduction that sheds light upon ‘the storyteller and the status seeker.’ Mr. Maas proceeds into one of my favorites, ‘Protagonists vs. Heroes’ from there he tackles issues of character voice and hyperreality. In each and every chapter he simplifies issues often complicated by others.
Writers and authors, I highly recommend this guide. 

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