Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Beyond My Control, One Man's Struggle With Epilepsy, Seizure Surgery & Beyond, By Stuart Ross McCallum

I recently decided to share more in depth thoughts about Stuart Ross McCallum’s BEYOND MY CONTROL. Previously, I wrote about it in the context of my son’s battle with epilepsy, and his personal thoughts. I am happy to say it is the most read review I have posted thus far. However, I can’t help, but feel I need to say more.

Stuart’s battle with epilepsy began in his teens. A time, we can all identify as difficult. Like so many others, it manifested in strange incidents that could easily be confused as other conditions. In his book, Stuart shares this scary confusion in a clear and concise story, the story of his life.

Science, now, informs us that 1 in 23 people will experience a seizure and/or epilepsy in their lifetime. This condition is much more common than once believed. The truth is, unlike my son whom has struggled with it since birth, 70% of the people will be struck later in life. Many will recognize an obvious trigger others are not so obvious.

Like many illnesses, conquering epilepsy is relative. Controlling seizures, even with dynamic medical intervention, is a way of life. Stuart sheds light upon the nature of the disease, treatment, and research. His own situation gives credence to the celebration of the things one can control, and to the people that matter. Stuart’s story reveals a strong and supportive woman, admirable in her own right, his wife Lisa. Together, they form an effective bond.

Stuart is a humble man. This is evident in his story, genuinely told to inform, educate, and comfort individuals and families. He shares with dignity the impact the epilepsy places on his and his family’s life. BEYOND MY CONTROL is a real-life journey, guided by a soldier against epilepsy in his own life, but, also, a warrior for others.
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