Saturday, August 11, 2012

Press Release: Nikolas and Company #2, When Boats Breathe And Cities Speak


Kevin here. Just wanted to stop by and let you know that Nikolas and Company #2, When Boats Breathe And Cities Speak is published! I know the cliffhanger has been killing you and/or your teen reader, but I promise it was worth the wait. 

You can order a print or ebook copy of Episode 2 from Amazon (Barnes and Noble and Ibook are soon to come). You can also get 30% off the print copy right now if you go to the webstore and use the code:5EACR7LL

                    Print                          Kindle Ebook


 Also, wanted to let you know that my face will be live online this afternoon! I'm having a Meet the Author event for my young readers. I've set up a video feed where I'll be talking to readers, doing readings, and answering questions. Feel free to stop by if you want to say hi. Who knows. There may be a prize or two given away. You can find me at two different locations online at 2PM Central Standard Time:



Look forward to seeing you there!

- Kevin