Monday, October 14, 2013


Dreaming In Darkness is a powerful diary in poetry, and prose. The beautiful poetry reveals a breathtaking journey through a painful hell that moves gradually upwards over a bumpy road, ultimately, leading into a state of healing.

Jessica’s poetry is a divinely classic work of art. Her flowing imagery is clear without a second of awkwardness. The poignant story is bold, a blatant display of pain, and suffering woven into the vision her words create.

The perfect order in which the poems are placed creates the sense of a diary, a fascinating collection of the poet’s most intimate thoughts.
‘Sarafina’ You shine
                 You speak
                 We listen

The author guides the reader into the myriad of emotions experienced in the victim’s abyss. ‘Induced Sleep’ finds the battered soul in a medicated state, drowning in the pain, yet here she begins to process her choices as she meets her self in the crossroads.

Still, further into the pain ‘Force Forgotten’ paints a bird’s eye view of the crime and the victim comes face-to-face with the perpetrator.
          ‘My legacy won’t be this, 
          but yours will.
          Stew in your own sin.'

This revelation frees her to search for a healing aid. The hallways greet her with doors of deception. ‘Bad Religion,’ ‘This Mourning,’ and ’Walking Wounded’ portray encounters with some disingenuous souls that clutter the pathway.

In ’Temporary Royalty’ she begins to experience the highs and lows from within a different place. Here, she sees tiny glimpses of light periodically penetrating the darkness. Later, The bud starts blossoming in ’Love Letters.’ The fabulous poet surprises with prose. The change symbolizes a less rigid environment, freedom. A different place depicted from within a different style.

Dreaming in Darkness’ is brilliant. This is a powerful, effective piece of art portraying the journey from pain to healing, darkness to light.
I highly recommend.

WinterGoose Publishing

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