Saturday, July 28, 2012

MARLIN DARLIN by Margaret Jean Langstaff

Garnet Sullivan, the woman men hate that they love. Everyone knows or has known a Garnet Sullivan, a bit of a humanitarian, and dog lover. She is skeptical, yet vulnerable. A curious diva with a history of falling for the wrong guy, smart, but she often feels inadequate.

Margaret Jean Langstaff on Garnet Sullivan; "She's a royal pain in the ass, always getting herself in trouble in her HOT pursuit for the hot story!"
In Marlin Darlin',  book one of the Garnet Sullivan Live From Florida series, Margaret Jean Langstaff provides her readers with a fabulous, adventure taken through the eyes of the hot diva Garnet Sullivan as she ventures to solve a murder mystery. She creates a hodgepodge of entertaining characters for the tenacious Garnet to encounter. Her murder mystery is brilliant, and clever. The story's integration of the awesome Florida landscape and lifestyle is fabulous fun.

The dynamics surrounding her relationships especially with Chester and Lance are wonderfully familiar without being trite. The adult education class Garnet teaches adds wonderful ingredients to the recipe of characters.

Garnet's twists and turns often had me laughing aloud. On the other hand, her spontaneity left me holding my breath at times.

Margaret Jean has created a superb and timely series with Garnet Sullivan Live From Florida. It is a wonderful break from everyday problems. I highly recommend this interesting story that achieves humor without sacrificing substance.

I loved Marlin Darlin', and I look forward to Margaret Jean Langstaff's next installment of Garnet Sullivan Live From Florida!

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