Thursday, September 19, 2013

CROOKED MOON by Lisette Brodey

Crooked Moon is a story compelling enough to read more than once, a timeless, yet, modern tale written by an author with meticulous talent and diversity.

After a 23 year absence, Callie returns to her childhood home in Rainytown, PA. Like a volcano, her presence, spews secrets to the surface sending the past into a full-blown eruption.

Callie and her childhood friend Frankie are saturated in the hot lava of secrets. Oh, the dangers boiling from once passive decisions, resulting from moments in their youth when they decided not to decide. One innocent visit to the past sends the complex opposites into a tailspin that demands action. Abundant surprises of love and betrayal kept me reading long after I intended to be asleep.

The character’s alluring personalities, contrast into a recipe of believable circumstances. Callie’s life of comfort and Frankie’s struggles give the story credence. Add a dash of Callie’s affection for Frankie’s brother Paulie, and you’ve got just a tiny taste of the ingredients.

This page-turner is perfect for a day on the beach or a snowy winter evening, I promise, it will not disappoint. By the way, you can try to guess, but I bet you can’t figure out how it all ends.

I highly recommend you experience for yourself the art, as Lisette Brodey portrays the extreme circumstance of humanness, while maintaining a smooth classic style.

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