Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The #1 Thriller; IN MEMORY OF GREED by Al Boudreau

Most of us are not immune to the many tales of megalomaniacs that fill our history books. However, in our modern society we deny they can and do exist. We live our day to day lives under a false pretense of beliefs that suggest our society is far too advanced, and complex for such an individual to succeed.

Al Boudreau removes this comfortable smoke screen. In his fascinating thriller, Al weaves a web that might just have you believing, a power hungry maniac could achieve his wildest dreams and make it a reality, easier now than ever before. Oh, by the way, oil is too obvious. Our food supply is a much better choice.

The author spares nothing in this intelligent web of greed. It is a fascinating story that only proves our vulnerability. The journey is awesome. The characters are believable, and well developed. In Memory of Greed will keep your eyes glued to the text, and your body on the edge of your seat.  

My hats off to the informed author for offering phenomenally well written and designed plot about a very critical and timely subject.